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Hi ! I'm Emmanuel from the Fablab NYBI.CC in Nancy, France

I'm a designer and would describe myself as an idealist t(h)inker engaged in design for change, following the Papanek's path. Passionate about design and how it could evolve. Interested by everything, I tend to mix all that together.

After a baccalaureate in Applicated Arts I studied Industrial and Product design from 2006 to 2010, then a a Global Design master in 2011 (with a thesis about about FabLabs and Open-Source and the implications they could have on the design practice, and the society by extension).

I'm now involved in several FabLabs initiatives in France and Africa, mostly taking part in Bootcamps to build/use machines.

On the web



Machines experience

Stratasys Dimension, RepRaps (Mendel, Prusa, Orca 2-3-4, FoldaRap)

Trotec Speedy, HPC laserscript 6040

DiyLilCnc, ZenToolWorks, iModela, FireBall V90, Mini-CNC, Makko,

Plotter Dika C12

Bootcamps and events

Nantes, Paris, Barcelone, Ouagadougou, Bamako, Porto-Novo, Dakar, Orléans,