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Christophe Rey

Caption text

Hi, My name is Christophe Rey. I'm a french student living and studdying in the Jean-Jaures Toulouse University at Toulouse, FRANCE. I'm from Grenoble where i spent my childhood. I am graduated in differents fields: Mechanical engeneering, business/marketing mannagement, product design with sustainability purposes and I am currently in a master degree in Digital creation a kind of art diploma at Toulouse. Otherwise I'm interested in many fields such as product and interior design, art, cinema making, video-games, longboard and outdoor activities etc...

I am currently doing an internship at the Reykjavik FABLAB regarding to my master diploma where I developpe my personal project: an immersive movie project. In fact my project is an instalation questionning the place of the doubte in our life and the relationship between the reality and our perception of this one. It would take the shape of an interactiv movie projected at 360° so if you are interested let me know!

Fablab Reyjavik
Dubitaxis project