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Project date: October 2014

Design made by: Kristin Björk, Kira Kira

Website : |

Design made at: Fab_Lab_Reykjavík with the shopbot.

I am making a special edition diy music release, a good vibe amulet with music on download code. What I am looking to do is to carve into wood (Icelandic lerki), in the shape of a hexagon as in attached drawing. This is a special project in preparation for a big concert coming up on Airwaves on November 7.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 14.23.30.png Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 14.23.09.png

So, as is often the case the material, once I started to work with it wanted to participate in the creative process.

I got a beautiful larch and my friend and I chopped it into lovely slices as I thought they are so gorgeous as they are, with the bark on, each individual beaming with character.
So I decided not to do a hexagon after all, but to simply cut a bowl into the larch slices.

Like the picture on top from left here:

Amulet -process.jpg

Because the pieces were quite small, we had to figure out what was the best way to keep them in position for the milling with the shopbot,
but also how to quickly be able to switch them out for milling the next one.

15288975713 ca6df08f67 o.jpg

A special limited run of 100 handmade wooden amulets holding Icelandic volcanic ash, California Sage, crushed crystals (Malachite, Pyrite, Brazilian Amazonite) and magic. Wear the amulet round your neck, on your rear-view mirror or hang it in your window and let it be a magnet for abundance of courage, love, inspiration, patience.

Amulet-3.jpg Amulet-4.jpg

Endresult :)