Blender how to set up measurement units

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Setting up Measurement units in Blender (only in Edit Mode)

1. Start up Blender

2. When in Blender, on the right hand side you‘ll see a tab with this Blender icon-scene.jpg icon (scene). Click it.

3. Under that tab you‘ll find Units:

Blender Units.jpg

4. Click on Metric.

The Scale slider effects the general measurement reference point in the whole scene.

At this point you've enabled Metric units in blender. But you won‘t see them anywhere yet.

To fix this we must do one more thing:

1. To start off we need to switch to Edit mode. There are two ways to do so:

a. One method would be to simply press the [TAB] key on your keyboard to switch between Object mode and Edit mode.

b. Another way would require you to find, at the bottom of the screen, a drop down menu that looks like this Blender Object mode.jpg or this Blender edit mode.jpg.

If it says anything other then Edit Mode you left click it and select Blender edit mode.jpg

2. Once you've got the Edit Mode on, at any point in Blender press the keyboard shortcut [N] to open up a menu on the right hand side of the 3d view that will look something like this:

Blender N menu.jpg

3. In that very same menu you need to find under Mesh Display a few check mark boxes under Edge Info with the names Length and Angle next to them.

You only need to check the box next to Length.

Blender N menu-MeshDisplay.jpg

Once you've checked Length you have the option of viewing metric numbers for measurements while editing your model in Edit Mode only.

I‘ll explain a few of the other options there:

Edge Info:

  • Length: Gives you the length between any vertices you have selected at any time.
  • Angle: Gives you the angle between two connected lines.