Christmas decoration

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Project date: december 2014

Design made by: Ragnheiður Sigurðardóttir

Design printed at: FabLab Reykjavík with the laserutter

Interesting website: free online snowflake generator

My name is Ragnheiður Sigurðardóttir and heard of Fab Lab through work. I found this very interesting concept so I went to Fab Lab in Eddufelli to acquaint myself more fully what Fab Lab stands for. When I came to Fa Lab I was very inspired by all the variety of things that can be done with the various applications so I made an appointment for further promotion.

Followed by the appointment I then came up with the idea to make some Christmas decorations for my Christmas tree. The Inkscape program was introduced to me which I think is a great program with many interested functions.

Here are my first try's in lasercutting an inkscape drawing.

X-mas-1.jpg X-mas-2.jpg

I have been few times to Fablab to try on different sizes for my decorations and I always learn something new. I have tried to make the Christmas decorations both in wood and plastic. Some of my product did not work in plastic but in wood it came out perfect and conversely.

interesting is understanding how to change the snowflake design so it look nice but not fragile: how to offset line's in inkscape

I made for example reindeer which came out perfect both in wood and plastic but this snowflake did not work in plastic, only wood. When I made it in plastic in came too fragile and broke. So the type of material does make a difference.


Today I have prepared my Christmas decorations in various sizes, got to learn how the lasercut cuts both in wood and plastic and I know for sure that I will keep on making more designs.


I like this idea what Fab Lab stands for. It helps people making items either for themselves or for production but in that case the production has to be done somewhere else. I think that by having a workshop like Fab Lab, with such wonderful teachers to help, is a great opportunity for people who wants to make or produce something but do not know where to start.