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MC2 STEM High School

The FAB LAB in Cleveland is a joint program connecting a high school within the Cleveland Municipal School District to a Network of designers and innovators from around the world

Students working in lab

Nela Park, 1975 Nobel Road, Bldg. #36
East Cleveland, OH 44112
(216) 744-1512

What is the MC2STEM High School? The MC2STEM High School embeds each grade level into a different STEM industry partner. Students will be engaged by a dynamic, rigorous curriculum and project-based learning environment that will prepare them for the 21st century global economy. For more information about this High School Click this link.

During the 2008-2009 academic year MC2STEM High School opened as the first H.B 119 STEM School of Ohio, and the first incubator STEM School in Cleveland. Initially, MC2STEM High School was housed at the Great Lakes Science Center where students and staff were able to integrate curriculum and instruction with science center exhibits. On Februrary 9, 2009 MC2STEM High School became the first school of its kind to be housed on a STEM industry corporate campus at GE Nela Park. Providing students with a dynamic real-world learning environment, and the human capital support of industry professionals. This momentous occasion was celebrated with community leaders and supporters during the grand opening on February 20, 2009. Learn more about MC2STEM at the link here


Electronics workspace
Epilog Laser
Roland CAMM
Roland Modela