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Sometimes after soldering components to a board it is necessary to remove the component. There are few ways to desolder the components and the most common two ways are to use the socket and heat the solder and suck it up, the other one is to use a copper braid (which is copper wire braided and rolled up) and lay it on the soldering, put the iron on top of it and heat it. What it will eventually do is melt the soldering wire on itself and leave you up with almost no solder but always a little bit which you can now heat up and push on the component with tweezers or something around you.

File:Solder braid.jpg

When you have a big component soldered on and want to take it of because its a processor facing the wrong way, there's an easy technique to pick it up. Take as much of the solder away as you can (using a socket or copper braid) and then lay the iron on all the legs of the processor on either side and lift them up with flat tweezers and then do the same thing on the other side.