How to use the Poli-Tape PT-06

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Machine specificationː Poli-Tape_PT-06

1. Prepare your design as a vector graphic and export it as PDF.

Don't forget that if you use text in your design, you need to mirror the words ( video instruction ).

2. Cut out you design with the vinylcutter using material suited for the heatpress.

( tutorial Roland_GX-24: How to use the vinylcutter )

3. Prepare your design by peeling away the background.

1 how to use the heatpress.JPG 2 how to use the heatpress.JPG

4. Turn the machine on.

3 how to use the heatpress.JPG

5. The right display is for setting the temperature of the heatpress.

At the bottom of the right display there is a 'start/stop' button. Press it once to start heating. (icon starts blinking)

You can use the arrows to the press to a different temperature.

The green numbers are the set temperature, the white numbers are the actual temperature of the press.

See here for recommended temperatures

4 how to use the heatpress.JPG

6. When the machine is heating up, keep the press in it's open position. (it takes about 5 minutes to heat up).

5 how to use the heatpress.JPG

7. Place you fabric on the plate, then place your design on top. The design should be placed with the sticky side on the fabric.

6 how to use the heatpress.JPG

8. When ready, push the machine close. Wait for the machine to beep.

(the left display is the timer. You can set up the timer like with the temparature display).

9. When ready open the press. Wait a bit for the fabric to cool down, then remove the project from the press.

You can now gently peel away the plastic layer. If the design comes off the fabric again, repeat process and adjust timer and/or temparature.

7 how to use the heatpress.JPG

10. When done, turn machine off and let it cool down in it's open position.