Internationalization and Language in the global Fab Lab Community Network

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Spoken and Written Language

While English is widely understood in the Fab Lab Network, work is done in a variety of spoken and written languages within Fab Labs. As a community, we would like to see more documentation of projects and sharing of ideas and experience so, if writing in English is a deterrent to publishing your content, we encourage you to publish in any language that you find convenient.


SI Units (Metric units) are preferred. Non-SIl units (inches, feet, pounds, ounces, gallons, etc) are often convenient in the US, so they will show up in designs as well. Since the definition of, for instance, a gallon varies throughout the world, specificity is very important when using non-SI units.

Automatic Translation Tools

Integrating automatic translation tools in to Fab Lab websites (through Drupal and WordPress plugins) can help to reduce language barriers where they exist.