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Project date: June 2014 | Facebook page

Laugargardur is a community garden which located in Reykjavik city area, It's a new group project just started in June of 2014.

Through collaboration with Fab Lab Reykjavík, we made some promotion materials in low budget way:


For introducing the basic information about the garden to people come to the place, we decided to make a sign. The material we have is just a rusty stander which recycled from neighborhood.


After repainted the stander, we used laser cutter to make some stencil boards by recycled paper board.

(Notion: the paper board has to be very flat)


We stenciled the text on the stander in a open space, because of the weather and flatness of paper board, some details are a little bit blur. But it works very well in the garden.

Stencil lsugargardur.jpg

Sign laugargardur.jpg


For promoting the project, we need different kinds of promotion materials. Instead of spending money on printing, we deigned a stamp that fits a lot of occasion: The rubber is donated by Fab Lab, 3cm*8cm. Use laser cutter to engrave the rubber with "rubber stamp" mode (quite easy) twice. We got a stamp pad.

Stamp laugargardur1.jpg

Glue the pad onto a wood cube which just fits the size. Than start to stamp!

SeedPackage laugargardur.jpgSeedPackage laugargardur2.jpgSeedPackage laugargardur3.jpg

We used normal A4 papers to fold some envelopes for packaging seed which was a small gift for people.

And at celebration farmers market event, we made some small flags for atmosphere and signage just by post-it paper, BBQ bamboo sticks, and stamp.

Flag laugargardur.jpg