Let's Yellow

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Project date: 11 september 2014

Design made by: Droplaug, Csaba, Maria

Design made at: FabLab Reykjavík with the lasercutter.

Let´s Yellow is a group project in progress made by first and second year Master in Design students at the University of the Arts Iceland (LHÍ). The project is about exploring the concept of using colours as language. Today we were using the laser cutting machine at FabLab to create our prototype for the presentation of this idea.

We created a plexiglass „poster“: engraved the title of the poster, Let´s yellow, at the top as a discription. Then we cut out a repeated pattern of „glasses“ we designed, meant for people to break out piece by piece, and use as sort of glasses in order to view Reykjavík in different colors, especially during the dark winter times in Iceland.

This is the first prototype we make – others colors will follow – possibly other shapes, and FabLab is the perfect place to experiment!

Lets-yellow-project-2.jpg Lets-yellow-project-3.jpg Lets-yellow-project-1.jpg