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Project date: September 2014

Design made by: Maríella Thayer, art teacher at Réttarholtsskóli, Reykjavík.

Design printed at: FabLab Reykjavík with the laserutter

Lettering tools for Réttarholtsskóli.

The art teachers in Réttarholtsskóli have taught students to use lettering tools for decades.
One of the reasons it is still done is to show students that they can make uniform things by hand, not using computers.


The old cardboard tools (which were never exact as they were hand cut) had to be remade every year
so I decided to look into the option of cutting them in acrylic. Here are some examples of students’ works.

As you can see here below it worked really well!




There was one small glitch in the process and it had to do with the laser cutter. At some point it became unlined and so it did not cut the whole design, but skipped some of the lines. We decided to take the plate and snap the center of each tool out manually. I used a nail file to fix the rough edges by hand.

Next time I will know to ask for help if I see a little smoke!

Thank you!