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Fab Lab
Location: Kisumu, Kenya
Lab managers: Tom Oliech Okite, Vigdis Achola and Hellen Apondi Olum
Opened: 1. April 2009

There are two labs in Kenya now viz: ARO Fablab Kenya West, [ and the Nairobi University Fablab.,


ARO Fablab Kenya West is located in Nyanza Province within Western Kenya just 50km from Kisumu city and about 3km from lake victoria. ARO fablab is in the center of a rural village where there is no mains electricity connection, no piped water and no big shopping mole. ARO is surrounded rather by schools, dispensaries and churches and it is from these institutions where ARO draws its participants apart from those coming from far. ARO has its own infrustructure, a nice accommodation that can accommodate 150 people at one go. ARO has its catering department and backery facility for baking ARO bread, ARO has a dispensary within its compound, it has an orphans programme supporting 100 orphans as at now who also use the lab most of their free time. ARO lab runs purely on solar power and biogas. ARO relies on rain water, collected in underground and above surface tanks, treat the water and pump the water using solar pumps to the room storage tanks from where it is channeled to taps. ARO has a tractor services unit that teaches the villagers on the modern methods of farming. ARO has an eco-tourism department responsible solely for touring the visitors to the nearby historical sites, forests and even wildlife attraction areas. All these under one roof makes ARO a unique place.


At the moment, we are working on the serious preservation of energy through creation and application of low power consuming LEDs lighting systems, light and motion sensors for security alarms, methods of cleaning/purifying water e.g by use of Ultra violet rays and we also train school, college going students and the local artisans on technology, creativity and innovations.