Raster images on fabrics

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Rastered images on the shirt and their respective originals

I started rastering tests on old t-shirts, 92% cotton and 8% elastane. I checked the heat settings table and used the recommended 100% speed 20% power settings.

At first I just rastered a crow picture I'd drawn earlier, the one on the right, but as darker color means the laser uses more heat and in the fabric the more it was burned the lighter it got, the image didn't end up quite like I wanted. Next, I tried just to raster the black outlines, and got light outlines burned on the fabric.

I wanted to try if I could get the result I desired if I'd invert the colors, so I did that and added a black stroke to the whole image to get a light stroke on the finished image, because the now white outlines wouldn't otherwise show at all since white means 0% heat. This image worked quite well.

600 DPI and 200 DPI, different results, different speed.