Roland GX-24 CAMM-1

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The Roland GX-24 CAMM-1 is a drag knife cutter. You can feed the machine vinyl sticker material for creating custom sized stickers. You can also feed it copper sticker material, useful for flexible circuits or antenna design. The machine can take a material on roll or a piece with the maximum width of 58 centimeters. You will need to prepare a vector graphics file in the shape you want to cut. The vector design file needs exported to PDF file format.

Technical specifications

Roland GX-24 CAMM-1
Maximum cutting width: 58 cm

Usage machine

Portal:Safety: Do not put your hands near the tool path unless you are sure that the machine is not going to move!

How to prepare a PDF

A vector PDF can be made with either inkscape or Adobe illustrator.

How to prep in inkscapə

When your design is ready, set the page size. (menu > file > document properties)

1 how-to-prep inkscape document-size.jpg 2 how-to-prep inkscape document-size.jpg

Then select you design and open the fill & stroke menu (menu > object > fill&stroke) to define the lines.

  • for cutting shapes: turn off fill, turn on stroke, set it to 255 red, and set the stroke style to 0.02 mm
  • For engraving keep the fill on and set it to black, and turn the stroke off.


if objects need to be joined, first make sure it is not a group (menu > object > ungroup)




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