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  • Allow users to post questions which can be easily accessed and answered by the entire network
  • internal "ask for help" system which includes
    1. asking questions (including reward system, both in terms of money/micropayments and karma),
    2. commenting / clarifying questions,
    3. providing answers/solutions,
    4. discussion of answers/solutions,
    5. rating of answers and questions (which could be accumulated into a community wide "karma" system to supplement the accreditation mechanism)


  • To allow Fab Labs to share best practice about achieving sustainability at individual labs in a tutorial based format


  • A searchable database of Fab Lab expertise
  • directory of capabilities, needs to be "certified" in some way (probably fab central style) -- on the level of labs and individuals
  • Register of Fab Labs avaiable for single product fabrication or low volume production - i.e. Ponoko or 100k Garages

Collaborative Projects

  • A method for Fab Lab users to contribute towards Fab Lab projects which can be described online - similar to open-source software development


  • A from of E-commerce which enables agreement of fees for assistance and also the payment and receipt of such fees


  • A method/platform for potential Fab Lab clients to put out calls for tender to the Fab ecosystem
  • Fab Labs and Fab Lab commercial users paying for other Fab Lab expertise by the hour/day