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A 2014 undergraduate in Mechatronics Engineering from Reykjavik University. During my studies at RU I fell in love with microcontrollers, having worked with PIC, Arduino and the STM32F4 Discovery board. My school projects include an object tracking car, a sonar based "aiming device" and I also was a part of a team developing a passive sonar for the school's AUV. Currently I'm continuing working with the STM32F4.

Apart from my mechatronics studies I also have a diploma in audio engineering from SAE Institute Amsterdam. I've done audio work for music and films, both on amateur and professional levels, for some years. Over a decade of experience of electronic music production.

I have a small website running,, where you can watch videos of some of my projects. The site is still being developed so please be patient about the lack of nice layout and content.

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