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I'm Sirja, I'm here in FabLab Reykjavik as an intern with my friends Henna and Marko and we'll be staying here for ten weeks. I'm studying to become a textile artisan and I'm looking forward to finding out new ways to make and do traditional things with modern technology. My school is called Mynämäen Käsi- ja taideteollisuusopisto and it's located in my hometown, Mynämäki (Finland). I live 50 km from Turku on a farm in the countryside with my husband, our dog (a welsh corgi cardigan called Roope) and many many cows. I'm a huge geek, whovian and i spend too much time on the internet.

We also keep a travel blog in English for our school, so if you're interested go check it out -> One does not simply walk into Iceland


3D scanning for a dummy (aka. me)

My main project

Gifts for friends

Fabric samples for vinyl and laser cutter

Engraving rocks from Reynisfjara