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Starting Lasercutting

My Name Card

To begin my work here in Fablab I had to get my Inkscape skills back. I had not used the program for a few months so a small project was in order. and what better way to start an internship than making your own name card.

The Beginning

Final design

To start with I drew up a simple shape in Inkscape. Just did a simple box and made sure to round out the edges. after that i measured out my debit card and used that as a guide to figure out how I wanted the shape and size to be. The design was simple,I simply wrote down my name, that i'm an intern and Fablab Reykjavík. Linda said that we should make the Fablab logo Pressfit so we had to think about that. My first problem was that the contrast in the picture wasn't very good and my face sort of mixed with the black backround and I was barely visible. however a quick stop in Gimp fixed that right up. first time using Gimp so I had to google my way through it, simple enough.

The Project

I designed it similarly to Linda's card, but with minor differences. It looked kind of empty so I just googled frames and put one around my picture. I wanted to be a bit different so I decided to have a black background instead of the usual white but it just looks pretty weird. to make the inlay I had to paste the Fablab logo into another project in Inkscape and make it 0.02 millimeters larger than the original logo on the card to make up for the 0,01 mm of material the laser burns away from both the sides of the lines.