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Fab Lab Hornafjordur - Instrumentmaking workshop

Fab Lab Hornafjordur

The workshop Hornafjordur has been open since September 2013 but will be will be formally open under the Fab Lab name in September 2015. In a collaboration with Vöruhúsið Hornafirði and Innovation Center Iceland

Fab Lab is short for Fabrication Laboratory. We're set up to inspire and teach people about how to turn idea's into products, prototypes or art & design trough digital fabrication. We work with open source software and have various machines and processes available. Our capability's include lasercutting, vinylcutting, 3D printing, large format cnc milling, molding & casting, designing, creating and programming electronics.


Telephone: 862 0648

email: vilhjalmurm(a)horafjordur.is

address: Hafnarbraut 30, 780 Hornafjörður

(note: the Fab Lab is located in art and craft house called The Warehouse)

Staff members:
Vilhjálmur Magnússon

Opening Hours

Almennur opnunartími (Public Hours)

Just walk in - no need to plan ahead with manager.

Opið eftir samkomulagi (Open by Appointment)

Book an appointment (vilhjalmurm(a)hornafjordur.is / telephone: 862 0648). For example if you want a specific machine to be available to you or if you need help with something. Public Hours can be quite busy so if you want more help from staff it is good to book an appointment.


The Vocational School, Framhaldsskóli Austur- Skaptafellssýslu, is using the lab for teaching.


Secondary schools in the area are using the lab for teaching.

Námskeið (Work Shop)

Work Shop in the Lab - advance booking. To get information about Work Shops in the Lab send request to vilhjalmurm(a)hornafjordur.is


Hafnarbraut 30, 780 Hornafjörður

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Machines / Facilities

Laser cutter

Vinyl cutter

Big milling machine

Small milling machine / circuit boards

Our Shopbot does not cut Metals
While the Shopbot could cut softer metals (up to Brass) our machine is not set up to cut those.

3D Printing

3D Scanning

  • 1x Asus xtion pro live

Molding and Casting (not available yet)

- information to follow

Electronics (not available yet)

available in this lab:
Test equipment
Inspection and rework


Electronics inventory


  • 9x computer with open source software and internet