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Fab Academy students in Vestmannaeyjar 2009

Participants in Fab Academy 2011 in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Participants in Fab Academy 2009-2010 in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

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Colaborative project



Fab Academy schedule

The planned schedule for the Fab Academy Certificate topics that comprise the Diploma curriculum is:

   * digital fabrication principles and practices (September 16)
         o digital vs analog
               + threshold theorems
               + universality
               + communications
               + computation
               + fabrication
         o survey
               + tools
               + processes
               + research
         o network
               + Fab Foundation, Fund, Academy
               + Fab Charter
         o safety
               + mechanical
               + optical
               + electrical
               + chemical
   * computer-aided design, manufacturing, and modeling (September 30)
         o hierarchical, parametric, procedural, algorithmic design
         o boundary, function representations
         o rendering and animation
         o toolpath generation
         o file formats
         o physical modeling
   * computer-controlled cutting (October 14)
         o types
               + waterjet, EDM, ...
         o knife
               + tools
               + materials
               + speed, force
         o laser
               + types
               + materials
               + speed, power, rate
               + maintenance
               + safety
   * electronics design and production (October 28)
         o electricity and electronics
         o component types and selection
         o schematic design
         o PCB design
         o PCB fabrication
         o PCB assembly
         o test equipment
   * computer-controlled machining (November 11)
         o types
         o tooling
         o materials
         o speeds, feeds
         o fixturing
   * embedded programming (November 25)
         o processor types
         o microcontroller architecture
         o in-circuit programming
         o embedded programming languages
         o development tools and environments
         o debugging
   * 3D molding and casting (December 9)
         o types
         o soft tooling
         o mold design and manufacture
         o casting materials
         o composites
   * collaborative technical development and project management (January 13)
         o version control
         o synchronization
         o merging
         o remote desktops
         o videoconferencing
         o scheduling
   * 3D scanning and printing (January 27)
         o types
         o formats
         o scanning
         o printing
         o materials
   * sensors, actuators, and displays (February 10)
         o sensors
         o actuators
         o displays
   * interface and application programming (February 24)
         o interface protocols
         o application languages
         o graphics
         o user interfaces
   * embedded networking and communications (March 10)
         o networking fundamentals
         o network protocols
         o physical layers
   * machine design (March 24)
         o motors and actuators
         o motion control
         o machine control
         o rapid-prototyping of rapid-prototyping machines
   * digital fabrication applications and implications (April 7)
         o furniture
         o housing
         o transporation
         o healthcare
         o environment
         o energy
         o play
         o art
         o development
   * invention, intellectual property, and business models (April 21)
         o copyright
         o patents
         o free and open-source models
         o revenue models
         o case histories
   * digital fabrication project development (May 5)
         o conception
         o proposal
         o review
         o prototyping
         o debugging, development
         o presentation
         o documentation