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About Me

Hi, my name is Johanna. I´m studying to become a textile artisan at Raseko vocational college at Mynämäki Finland. I live in Turku which is a city placed in southwest Finland. I´m interested such textile techniques as weaving, felting and print design. Currently I´m going to spend 10 weeks at FabLab Reykjavik getting to know the machinery and software and give guidance to people who visit the FabLab.

FabLab Reykjavík photostream:


My nametag

Rolling pin and glass

Stickers and more stickers!

Snap Fit Box

3D Selfie - Testing the 3D printer

Little Frame Loom for Weaving

How to design a Repeating Pattern in Inkscape and Silk Screen Printing

Ball of Yarn - measuring tool for knitting needles

Engraving rocks